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Be single-minded and emotional

We've made a lot of films with Airbus. 'Corporate films', as some would call them. People often think that producing films for big business is different to an independent brand. It's not. For us, the core principles of filmmaking excellence always boils down to the same things.

Be single-minded. The campaign's creative idea should have a simple, stimulating focus. High concepts cut through to audiences. Our international Airbus film '365' covers the whole global operation of Airbus and had a single unifying idea at its heart (even if it did take 52 days of shooting and travel).

Be authentic. Bake the messaging in, that's important, but don't wear it heavily. Make films about people, about aspirations. Your audience knows when you're being inauthentic.

Be emotional. When you stop explaining and start emoting, you'll connect with the audience. (music is your superpower here, as we've written about before.)

These are our essential ingredients for great filmmaking.


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