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Why film with heart wins every time

Whether it's the joy of giving a McDonald’s to a loved one or John Lewis' Man on the Moon, the most talked about film campaigns always pull on our heartstrings.

Obstacle Films has specialised in film with heart for over ten years. Why? Because matters of the heart - love, loss, trust, loyalty, kindness, personal stories - move audiences. To action. To tears. To connect.

Does it really work?

Yes. It does.

In An Emotional Connection, Harvard Business Review found that “an emotional bond with a company is more important to consumers than customer satisfaction”.

The Forbes article Let's Get Emotional: The Future Of Online Marketing quotes a compelling fact researched by the Tempkin Group. This found that audiences are over 8 times more likely to trust a company that they have had a positive emotional association with. Audiences are also over 7 times more likely to return as customers.

Furthermore, Douglas Van Praet, author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing, concludes that people make brand judgments based on emotions rather than information. This is the ‘emotional appeal’ factor.

This is why film with heart wins every time.

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When we worked with WeGlow to connect with their target audience in a saturated market, we focussed on a community of real life stories that expressed the brand’s caring, holistic approach to wellness.

Together We Glow, a soulful sixty second film shot on 16mm, and the wider campaign of documentaries and social films - in total a delivery package of 200 films - truly celebrated the stories of nine women and their unique perspectives on wellness. The campaign launch saw their Instagram followers boom to 110k.

Our work with Airbus on Airbus 365 - a day in the life of Airbus - took us to every continent and 12 countries across a 52 day schedule. We married a grounded, people-driven documentary style with epic scale. We even recorded the score with a real orchestra with composer Richard Canavan. The outcome was a personal film for a global brand. Airbus used this single work as their leading brand film for three years.

In our Ruth Borchard Prize film for Piano Nobile we opted for the purest way of making film with heart - direct eye-contact. We decided to stay closely focussed on the faces of our contributors in order to create true intimacy, the very technique self-portrait has used for Centuries. The result is a stirring film full of creative insights. It broke the brand’s record for views and online reach in its first week.

Obstacle Films are experts in producing film with heart and amplifying the emotional appeal of brands. We have done so for over ten years. Why not get in touch to find out how we could do the same for you?


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