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We shoot and we score

Updated: May 3, 2022

Obstacle Creative Studios does more than write scripts. We also write bespoke music. We believe that music is a film's superpower and deserves as much attention as any other part of a project.

The music brief for the We Glow App launch campaign was one of our most unique...

Our challenge was to evoke the stories of real women in a soulful and authentic way while building the energy of excitement.

Here's how we approached it.

Give the voice over breathing space. This motivated the soft, spacious musical opening and allowed us to establish the soulful chord progression at the heart of the composition.

Think of it as a thriller. We built anticipation by introducing a metronomic element - listen out for the side-stick drum clicks - which dials up the sense of momentum. This is halted by a solo piano and a heart-beat drum used allow a calmer moment in the story. And then we're off again with a rapidly arpeggiating piano, a pulsing synth bass and the use of human breaths as a rhythm instrument - all designed to build anticipation.

Return to resting pulse. In our final shot, we re-join the real world. A jogger in a sunny park, their rhythmic breath, the birdsong. A moment that captures the emotional purpose of the brand.

The overall result is a 60 second blend of intimacy, soul, excitement and high energy.

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